Stripped: Exposing God’s Truth in our Teens’ Sexually Charged Culture

Stripped: Exposing God's Truth in our Teens' Sexually Charged Culture

When cultural trends change at the speed of a tweet, how do youth workers keep up? Teens are growing and developing in a fast-paced, sexually charged culture that tells them what’s true today might not be true tomorrow. They are trying to learn social interaction and their place within it in a time of constantly evolving methods of communication.

The answer is to strip off the layers of distraction and misdirection to expose the truth. Stripped does just that.

In 8 lessons, this curriculum discusses the sexually saturated society teens are growing up in and covers topics including pornography, drugs and alcohol, self esteem, decision making skills and marriage. It includes a DVD with video clips for each lesson.

Youth Pastor Curriculum Whatever your teaching style, Stripped gives you the tools to build the most effective lessons for your youth. It provides a media fusion of hard-hitting truths that uncover the unchanging facts surrounding sexual activity, drugs and alcohol, body image, and pornography.

These lessons are packed with both Scriptural truth and bare facts of the issues to confront teens with the potential consequences of their actions and the forgiveness and renewal found in Christ.

Stripped enables your youth to see through the deceptions and distractions by revealing the naked truth about sex, love and relationships.


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"As one who has looked at a lot of curriculum in serving and consulting
with churches as well as teaching at DTS, I see a very effective
instructional source book in this material."

~ Dr. Lin McLaughlin, Professor of Educational Ministries
and Leaders; Assistant to the Dean for Academic Assessment at
Dallas Theological Seminary

"I teach Sunday School for youth in 6-12 grade. They are mostly minorities from
the public schools and come from low socio-economichome environments. It was
GREAT for them. I used the opening stories, the biblical passage, and some of the
questions given in the study. There was plenty of material for me to choose from
and find useful for the group. I thought it was relevant, practical without being
too descriptive, yet asked the hard questions."

~ Sunni Stokeld

Stripped has been endorsed by Dallas Theological Seminary’s Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership and Assistant to the Dean of Academic Assessment, Dr. Linden McLaughlin.

Sample Chapter

View sample of ‘Do it Yourself’ chapter | View sample of ‘Out of the Box’ chapter

Stripped Ch 2 – Consequences of Sexual Activity (2) from Elevate Youth on Vimeo.

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